Advanced Laparoscopy

Operating through small incisions reduces the discomfort that a person has after surgery. This most often means that the person can go home the day of surgery or the next morning. She may resume normal daily activities earlier, although some restrictions on strenuous exertion may apply for the first few weeks after surgery in some cases.

Performing surgery laparoscopically also reduces the chance of forming internal scar tissue (adhesions) after surgery. In some people, these adhesions can cause pain, and in 1-3% of people, may lead to intestinal obstruction at some point in their lives. Fewer adhesions are formed after laparoscopic surgery because no sponges or retractors are needed, and the internal tissues are not dried by exposure to room air. From the perspective of the surgeon, many types of surgery are actually easier to do laparoscopically because the internal areas of interest are magnified and shown on a large TV screen.